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November Woodmark | Sprinkle Storm

November Woodmark | Sprinkle Storm

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This listing is for a woodmark in the theme of the November Mandrake of the Month. The November Box has a MYSTERY ITEM, so this is an optional matching Woodmark for all you woodmark collectors! 

This product pic has pixelation so that the Mandrakes aren't spoiled early for those receiving the box. I have listed it like this so that there is the option to have matching November merch ship at the same time as November boxes. Also available are a variety of other Zipper Pouches, tote bags, note pads and Roundie Coin Purses. All available with November Mandrakes to ship at the same time as monthly boxes!


Woodmarks are wooden bookmarks made of eco-friendly, sustainably sourced timber. 

The Sprinkle Storm design is printed on Aspen.