USA Shipping Info

Combine and Save! 
Are you a regular shopper at Mandrake of the Month Club, and located in the USA? You will now find a shipping option at checkout labelled "Combine". using this option can save you paying a high shipping fee for every order, as I can combine multiple orders into one shipment for you. If you're using this option, adding notes when you checkout is handy, but not essential. Using this rate is ONLY possible if you have already paid or will be paying a full Tracked Expedited Shipping rate on a separate order. 
Accidents happen, so if you ordered with this option and don't have anything to combine it into, you can click the button below to release your held order. 
Alternatively, you can leave your order held until you want to make another purchase. As soon as you have paid for Tracked Expedited shipping (either at checkout on a new order or through the above link), your order will be cleared for dispatch and will ship in the next international order batch.
If you have ordered a subscription, your box will not ship until you have paid for shipping, either via the link above, or once your first automatic payment has renewed (it will include a regular shipping fee). In the case of the second option, your first two boxes will ship in the same package. All automatic subscription renewals include a standard shipping fee, even if you chose the "Combine" option at sign-up.
Some more info about Shipping to the USA can be found below.

Why is there no untracked shipping option to the USA anymore?

Due to price rises within the international postal networks, sending your order to the USA with the untracked shipping option now costs the same as the fastest option available to me (Tracked Expedited). For that reason there is no point in me even offering the untracked option anymore, so you will find there is only one option at checkout now. This new option allows for larger orders to ship for the same price, so I have also added an option at checkout to combine your order. The "Combine into my existing/subscription order" option can be used:

1. When you have recently placed an order that is yet to ship (eg. it includes items that are handmade or pre-orders, etc) you can use this option to add additional items into the same shipment. 

or 2. For existing subscribers who would like to place an order that will be held and ship with their next monthly box.

The shipping at checkout will calculate based on the weight of the extra items you're ordering and may not add any extra cost at all, depending on what you order. Hopefully this keeps ordering from the US accessible and affordable. Please note that this option can ONLY be used to combine into orders that include the full USA Tracked Expedited shipping price. If you order with this option and you do not have an existing order where you payed the full shipping fee, the order will be held until your next purchase that includes full priced shipping, or until you pay for shipping.