Mystery Pack | Imperfect Pins

Mystery Pack | Imperfect Pins

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This listing is for a mystery pack containing 4 full size pins and 1 mini-pin. All pins in these packs are of Imperfect Grade. The full price of the pins in these packs would be at least $69. They are listed at a very reduced price of only $24.99 for the whole pack. 

The pins these packs were built from include imperfect full size spares from months May 2020 to May 2021, and the complete range of mini-pins (monthly and special releases) including May. There are also imperfect versions of all 3 Advent Box pins in the mix, plus Shy Butterflies, Cheeky Kitties, and Coven Mandrakes.

Imperfections mostly include: uneven polishes, areas of enamel or metal that aren't as shiny, uneven plating, areas of metal that haven't been polished down evenly, small areas of enamel overspill, spots that have too much enamel in them or not enough/wrong colours, or small marks or scratches. I am really picky with pins, so if anything is badly at fault I do not list it at all. Please be reassured that any Imperfect pins have only minor issues. 

Mystery Packs are completely random and I cannot guarantee any specific pins in a pack. Each pin assortment is unique to its pack, and you may end up with duplicates if ordering multiple packs. Packs are already pre-made and this cannot be avoided. 

Photo is of some of the actual packs available. Your order may or may not be one of the exact pictured packs.