Monthly Box January 2023 | Summer Bees

Monthly Box January 2023 | Summer Bees

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This listing is for the January 2023 Mandrake of the Month one-time purchase. Ordering this box will not create a subscription.

Also pictured: Buzz Off woodmark and Sunshine mini-pin, sold separately.

The January Mandrake Includes:

  • A Hard Enamel Bumble Mandrake Pin with pearl and glitter enamel, on themed backing card 
  • Mystery item: Grumble Bee Timber Double-sided charm
  • A matching sticker sheet with bee and sunshine mandrakes
  • A Honeypot Bonus Vinyl Sticker

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Thankyou to @szaffipolca for the gorgeous photo

** Promo Flyers and "What's Next" cards only included while stock lasts **