Mini-Pin Gachapon Machine Lucky Dip!

Mini-Pin Gachapon Machine Lucky Dip!

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Introducing the Mini-pin Gachapon Machine! 

This is a fun way to get some bargain lucky dip mini pins! Why would I just pick things up from a shelf, when I could dispense them from a mini egg machine?!

How it works:

1. you place an order

2. when I go to pack and ship it, I use the machine to dispense mini-pins

3. I ship you whichever pins come out!

You can order one pin for $5 or 3 pins for $10! I turn the crank once for each pin. You receive all mini-pins dispensed during your chosen amount of cranks. Sometimes more than one pin drops on a pull- if so, thats a bonus one for you! Double ups are possible so if you choose the 3 turns option, you may end up with multiples of the same pin- it just depends what drops out. You will also have at least 3 cool pins for only $10 though, so probably worth it! Special requests for specific pins are not possible, it is entirely lucky dip. 

The set-up and operation of the Mini-Pin Gachapon Machine can be found on Instagram in my reels 🎥 i will share Machine turns in my stories or posts occasionally too, so keep an eye out if you make an order! I will not be sharing the identity of the orderer in the posts, only initials so you can tell if that order might be for you! Sharing is not guaranteed due to time constraints at order packing time, but i will try my best. 

Lucky Dip Mini Pins will ship pinned onto generic MoTM Club backing cards. 

Current Machine Contents:

Monthly mini-pins from November 2020 to April 2022.

All non-monthly Mini-Pins

(Essentially this is just a fun storage method and dispenser for a lucky dip item 😂)