The Enamel Library Shelfie Subscription (USA)

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Adding this listing to your subscription account will automatically order you the next Enamel Library Shelfie Pin when your next subscription payment renews, and will subscribe you for future Enamel Library Pins each month unless you skip or cancel. You will not be charged until renewal day.

This listing is for subscribers in the USA to combine their monthly Mandrake of the Month and Enamel Library subscriptions into one package and therefore one shipping fee. When adding this to your Mandrake of the Month Subscription account, you MUST also log in to the Enamel Library and cancel your subscription there, or you will be charged twice. 

Once added to your Mandrake of the Month subscription account, this listing will create an automatic charge for your monthly Enamel Library Pin that will process with MotMC renewals on the 1st of every month. Charges for either subscription can still be skipped at any time through your MoTMC Renewal Schedule (skipping does not effect the shipping rate).

Both subscriptions (and Mini-Pins, if you also add a subscription for that) can be packaged into one shipment and result in only one shipping fee. The Enamel Library subscriptions added here do not include the Signature Mailer Box (it would add more to the shipping fee).

If you're new to the Enamel Library Shelfie Pins but are interested in adding them to your Monthly MoTM deliveries, check out @theenamellibrary or to see what they're like!

If you would like to just add the next upcoming Enamel Library Shelfie into your monthly shipment and NOT subscribe, check out the One-Time Only listing which will automatically expire after one month.