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Monthly Mini-Pin

Monthly Mini-Pin

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This is the Monthly Mini-Pin!

This month's mini-pin is another Lucky Dip! There are 4 different possible colour variations you may receive. If you would like to order extras, I will make sure there aren't duplicates. If you do order more than one, do NOT order multiples of the subscription option. That will create multiple subscriptions. Only order extra of the one-time purchase option.

The June Mini-Pin is 30mm tall and features glitter and rubber clasp.

Due to the current worldwide restrictions around international mail and transit, there may be shipping delays once orders are dispatched. The tracked shipping option is strongly recommended at this time. 

Placing your order now means your first delivery will be next Month's Mini-Pin. If placing a one time order, you will be not be charged again and will only receive one Mini-Pin. Eg. order in December, receive January's Mini-Pin.

If you subscribe you will be charged for your first month upon ordering and will begin receiving Mini-Pins next month. You will not be charged again until it is time to renew subscriptions for the following month, which will be on the 1st of that month and every month following, until you cancel your subscription. Eg. order in December, receive January's Mini-Pin. Subscription renews February 1, receive February Mini-Pin, Subscription renews March 1...etc.

You can monitor your current subscriptions by logging in to your account and selecting "Manage Subscriptions". For more information about Managing your subscription, skipping a month or cancelling, see FAQ.

Mandrake Mail ships within the first 2 weeks of every month.

Keep in mind that orders will not be partially shipped- so if you order a Monthly Item at the same time as other items, the order will be held until the Monthly Item ships. 

Make sure you enter a valid email address when you create your account in order to receive all subscription correspondence