June Velvet Decorative Hoop | Peace

June Velvet Decorative Hoop | Peace

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Decorative hoops are a unique type of wall art, that are hand printed with original art. 

This product pic has a sneak peek sticker so that the Mandrakes aren't spoiled early for those receiving the Monthly box. I have listed it like this so that there is the option to have matching merch ship at the same time as monthly boxes. Also available are a variety of other Zipper Pouches, tote bags, notepad, notebooks and Roundie Coin Purses. All available with Matching Mandrakes to ship at the same time as monthly boxes!

Product images and titles will be updated to reveal Mandrakes in July 2021.

This new variant of Wall Hoops features VELVET! This gorgeous, lush fabric is handprinted with a vinyl decal, transferred to the fabric by hand with a heat press, and then secured permanently into the hoop. 

These hoops technically could be used for displaying pins, but Ido not recommend pinning through the decal as it will leave holes in the art.

Large hoops measure 20cm.

To make as many design options available as possible, the product image for this item is a digital mock up. Colours after printing may differ slightly to what appears on your screen. Final printed examples can be viewed on Instagram, if you would like to see how they come out.