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Mystery Pack | Mixed

Mystery Pack | Mixed

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This listing is for a mystery pack containing 7 items. Items are chosen at random from stock such as:

Totes, pouches, or roundies. This item may be imperfect, or it might be fine but I accidently printed too many of it. Imperfect fabric items may have imperfections in the print, or the print may look fine but with a mark or imperfection on the fabric that i didn't notice before i printed on it. Imperfections are superficial only and do not affect the functionality of the item. 



Key Chains

Past Box and Special release items, pins, stickers or washi

Mystery Packs are completely random and I cannot guarantee any specific items in a pack. Each assortment is unique to its pack, and you may end up with duplicates if ordering multiple packs. Packs are already pre-made and this cannot be avoided.